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Your Free Numerology Reading presents two aspects:
  • The first aspect, gleaned from your name, reads you as a person — your heart's desire, your personality, and other personal characteristics.

  • The second aspect, gleaned from your birth date, reads the path you are traveling in this life — the general situations along with assistance and hindrance you did or will encounter.

Although the individual entries may be different from each other, even seemingly opposite, they all work together to influence the whole person.

The results for the "Name" and "Birth Date" areas are calculated independent of each other. Thus, you can get a reading even if only one of them contains data.

Like all things, the energies and influences found through numerological methods can be used for both positive and negative purposes. This reading is presented more in the positive light than the negative. The author of this "FREE Numerology Reading" web page and computer program believes that, like a responsible reading by a Numerologist, a Numerology reading generated by computer should focus more on the true potentials and positive aspects even while acknowledging these can be expressed in a negative manner, should an individual so desire.

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